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Ponsonby Shop now closed

The shop in Ponsonby has now closed permanently.

Our wonderful handcraft team, Birgit and Naghi will continue to offer service from their respective home studios.

Naghi continues with jewellery handcrafting services along with remodelling and repairs.
Birgit continues with hand threading and knotting of beads and pearls, repairs and handmade.

Birgit also handles enquiries, repairs and lay buys.
Please make initial contact with her for all enquiries and she will forward any requests for work to Naghi.

The shop number 09 3784389 has been redirected to Birgit's home studio.

Meet Donna

I was blessed as a young woman, to find a true spiritual master and I have remained under his guidance for nearly 30 years. I have devoted my life to the teachings of "Shin" and that unique education led me to become a homeopath exploring the medicine and healing energies available in nature.

I love to appreciate everything in the natural world. I adore the beauty and colours of flowers and crystals and the study of their qualities and messages, seen and unseen has been a great passion in my life. This shop is an expression of the love I have for creation.

I treasure the treasures of nature you will find here. Each stone or piece of jewellery has passed through my hands and been personally selected by me. I go to great lengths to make sure the stones are natural and not dyed or fake. I buy and design with my sense for beauty but also using my inner guidance and intuition.

I believe the stones are imbued with intelligence and being, like every living thing. I respect them and love them. i hope you will too.

[ Image to the right, Donna with her daughter Moana ]