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Ponsonby Shop now closed

The shop in Ponsonby has now closed permanently.

Our wonderful handcraft team, Birgit and Naghi will continue to offer service from their respective home studios.

Naghi continues with jewellery handcrafting services along with remodelling and repairs.
Birgit continues with hand threading and knotting of beads and pearls, repairs and handmade.

Birgit also handles enquiries, repairs and lay buys.
Please make initial contact with her for all enquiries and she will forward any requests for work to Naghi.

The shop number 09 3784389 has been redirected to Birgit's home studio.

About Us

Over many years we have visited the jewel marketplaces, caravans and treasure troves of the world, creating relationships and trade connections with the traditional jewel traders and crafts people of many cultures.

We supply both pristine examples of natural stones in all their variants, right through to custom jewellery hand fashioned by our own crafts people.  We can help interpret your inspiration, bringing it to life in the form of vibrant jewels and fine metals 

We can also remodel an existing piece, bringing new life and meaning to an article of jewellery which already rests deep in tradition.

For us, stones and gems have a story to tell and a subtle meaning and influence far beyond chemistry and color. Some stones have a reputation based in diverse, unrelated cultures to have a powerful healing influence. Please ask us if you would like to know more  

If you would like to apply the ancient knowledge of some of the hidden benefits of jewels and metals to your own wellbeing or that of someone dear to you then we can assist you. 

We're on the move ...

Our new shop address is:
54 Ponsonby Rd


Contact Us ...

Click on the contact us page for printable directions on how to reach us .

Phone 09 378 4389