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Ponsonby Shop now closed

The shop in Ponsonby has now closed permanently.

Our wonderful handcraft team, Birgit and Naghi will continue to offer service from their respective home studios.

Naghi continues with jewellery handcrafting services along with remodelling and repairs.
Birgit continues with hand threading and knotting of beads and pearls, repairs and handmade.

Birgit also handles enquiries, repairs and lay buys.
Please make initial contact with her for all enquiries and she will forward any requests for work to Naghi.

The shop number 09 3784389 has been redirected to Birgit's home studio.

Stone of  the month ...

Donna Mills, owner of Jewels and Gems introduces us to the qualities of the gemstone, Tourmaline.

The information comes from the scientifically conducted trials of German stone specialist Michael Gienger.

Tourmaline is layered with as many colours as the rainbow and has equally as many healing attributes. Black tourmaline is known for protection from intrusive external influences, electro smog or mental/emotional energy. This is because tourmalines are energy conducting ring silicates and when worn on the body, help the flow of energy through the meridians, clearing blockages, releasing trapped energy and revitalising areas with low energy. This harmonises the conductivity of nerve impulses, relieves tension and strengthens the body's ability to heal itself. Intrusive energy can be diverted more efficiently when the energy channels are clear, helping to prevent ailments from arising and relieve pain and energy loss. All colours of tourmaline will do this, not only the black schorl. However schorl crystals can neutralise the influence of radiation. They also have a pain alleviating effect and arranged in lines radiating out from a painful area can give rapid relief, or pointed towards the pain will increase energy for healing. Shorl also stimulates clear, logical and rational thought processes.

Each colour in the tourmaline spectrum has its own name and their mental/emotional healing attributes include; enhancing the imagination, broadening the mind, helping clear self-expression, promoting tolerance, responsibility and problem solving. They release sadness, bestow joie de vivre and encourage love, understanding and friendship, making us charming, relaxed, open and social. A relationship, family and community stone par excellence. The specific physical healing properties of the seven colours, are too numerous to detail here.

Tourmaline can be worn on the body or placed on it when required.