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Ponsonby Shop now closed

The shop in Ponsonby has now closed permanently.

Our wonderful handcraft team, Birgit and Naghi will continue to offer service from their respective home studios.

Naghi continues with jewellery handcrafting services along with remodelling and repairs.
Birgit continues with hand threading and knotting of beads and pearls, repairs and handmade.

Birgit also handles enquiries, repairs and lay buys.
Please make initial contact with her for all enquiries and she will forward any requests for work to Naghi.

The shop number 09 3784389 has been redirected to Birgit's home studio.

Stone of  the month ...

Donna Mills, owner of Jewels and Gems introduces us to the qualities of Rutile Quartz.

Most of the information comes from the scientifically conducted trials of German stone specialist Michael Gienger, interpreted by Donna. 

Rutile Quartz is one of the recommended stones for the zodiac sign Virgo. Although not born under the influence of Virgo, this is one of the first stones I fell inexplicably in love with and still wouldn't be without. Looking from a distance it is a humble quartz but on closer scrutiny, it's enigmatic magic is revealed. There are very fine, brightly shining, golden or copper- red needles made of titanium oxide, called rutiles, criss-crossing through the quartz matrix. These rutiles were known as Venus or Angel's hair in ancient times and were believed to be captured sunlight, good for healing dark moods and stubborn coughs. The rutiles amplify the energy flow within the quartz, making them a powerful instrument, highly prized in Asia. At the trade Fair in Hong Kong there are always crowds of Chinese buyers waiting to snap up the precious golden stones, believed to give powerful protection against psychic attack and able to draw off negativity and disease, allowing healing and good fortune into a person's life.

Michael Gienger describes a similar effect in his pragmatic and reliable German way, calling it a great anti-depressive, which helps us to be open to outside help during sadness, detachment or deep grief. It lifts the spirits and makes us ready to talk and admit fear and weakness, which are usually kept to ourselves, a sunbeam in the midst of deepest hopelessness. It also helps with any fears about the physical body, the heart for instance and has a relieving effect on constriction and oppression, freeing us from feelings of suffocation and giving a sense of space and freedom. It brings a new sense of joie-de-vivre and transmits uprightness, independence and spiritual greatness, helping us to develop vision and think big, not limiting our visionary power because of supposed

These qualities make Rutile Quartz particularly helpful for asthma, bronchitis, breathing, allergies and heart problems.  It stimulates the regenerating power of all cells and the flow of energy and body growth and gives an upright posture. It also helps with fulfilling our love life, where fear and extreme tension predominate and create problems. (mmm ! maybe that's the real why all those guys are lining up for it at trade fairs, a sort of crystal viagra !) What is not to love about this stone !